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Sask Memes - a multilingual meme-making sociolinguistic intervention workshop

Mandate of project: To stimulate linguistic vitality through humour, within and between, the diverse cultural groups of Saskatchewan.

Vision of project: To bring together elders or language teachers, together with youth, to exchange and to record humoristic phrases or words in a language that is their own, or a language that is a part of the cultural group to which they identify. Likewise, the project means to create a safe, humorous context within which exchanges can be made between youth of different cultural groups through online projects, presentations and workshops.

Objectives: To legitimise the diverse languages spoken in Saskatchewan as important, recognized, sources of knowledge and experience. To highlight the perspective of cultural groups in the everyday shaping of past, and modern day Saskatchewan. To enable Saskatchewan youth from diverse cultural groups to participate in activities that stimulates the vitality of their native language, the language of the cultural group to which they identify, or any of the diverse languages spoken in the province.

Core project: Creating humorous memes (image + short sentence) written in language of speaker, or language of the cultural group to which the youth identify. The sharing of the memes during inter-language session, or through the posting of it online.

Memes available online: